2Checkout is the 2015 Best Payment Service Provider (PSP) | Judge's Choice

Best Payment Service Provider (PSP)

2-checkout2Checkout, which processed $350 million in 2014 and more than doubled the onboarding of new merchants in the past quarter, is the Judges Choice winner in the Best Payment Service Provider category at the 2015 CNP Awards. The company currently works with over 14,000 merchants.

The Columbus, Ohio-based payment platform maximizes online sales conversions by giving global merchants and buyers localized payment options. 2Checkout is active in 197 countries, offering eight payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages. The company says the depth and breadth of its payment options empowers small merchants to seamlessly do business anywhere in the world, with minimal effort. Its language options make consumers feel comfortable during the purchase process. And, in today’s increasingly mobile world, its checkout experience is optimized for smartphones and tablets, even for businesses that do not have an app.

The service includes a pre-integrated payment gateway, a merchant account, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention, and plug-ins for 100 of the most popular shopping carts.

2Checkout says it is also committed to offering the best possible service and flexibility to sellers. There is no requirement that its sellers be incorporated in the U.S. and it offers a range of payout currencies and methods, so businesses can select the ones that fit them best. Merchants are able to maintain their brand during checkout and customize the experience. The company also has extensive partnerships with over 100 online shopping carts and invoicing systems. And, 2Checkout recently launched a payment API that merchants can use to directly integrate the service’s payment processing power into their website.


Judges Choice - Best Payment Service Provider (PSP)