Eckoh is the 2015 Best Call Center Solution | Judge's Choice

Best Call Center Solution

2015-CNPAward-EckohEckoh is the winner of the Judges Choice Award for Best Call Center Solution, a brand new category in the 2015 CNP Awards. Founded in 1999, Eckoh has grown into a $150 million company through its expertise within the contact-center industry. Initially, Eckoh implemented outsourced automation solutions to assist the efficiency of contact centers, but over time has increasingly focused on secure payment solutions.

Eckoh has targeted merchants with contact centers or outsourced contact centers that take customer payments over the phone. These organizations operate over a number of vertical markets including retail, utilities, financial services, leisure, media, transport, outsourcing and logistics.

The company achieved Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Level One Service Provider status in 2010 and designed and implemented a two-part integrated PCI DSS compliant payment solution.

More than 60 blue-chip international organizations now meet their PCI DSS compliance requirements and reduce fraud risk through Eckoh’s solution, with many more in the pipeline, according to the company. Eckoh says these clients report a 100-percent satisfaction rate, adding that it has retained 100 percent of its clients.

Adoption of the company’s EckohPAY services mean contact-center agents are freed up to take more complex inquiries and reduce call queues. The company says its solution allows for a 10-15 percent increase in call-center efficiency. Its customers were able to take an average of 22 percent more calls and experienced a 40 percent reduction in call volume to agents in the year following implementation.

Judges Choice - Best Call Center Solution