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Best Call Center Solution

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-SemafoneSemafone, which says it prides itself as being the only company to have achieved all four of the leading secure-payment accreditations, is the very first winner of the Customer Choice Award in the brand new Best Call Center Solution category.

Born of a U.K. call center in 2009, Semafone’s technology was developed in-house to address the problem of compliance for telephone payments, since no solutions were available on the market. Semafone soon recognized that this problem was widespread and its business developed rapidly. As the first into the market, Semafone secured a U.K. patent in 2010 and a U.S. patent in 2014 for its payment method.

Now firmly established on four continents, Semafone’s customers include Stansberry, Amica, Aimia, Consolidated Communications, TVG/Betfair and Aviva Insurance.

Semafone’s success has attracted imitators, and a number of competitors have now licensed Semafone’s payment method, according to the company. The Secured by Semafone trust mark has been established to allow call-center merchants to prove that they are protected by an authentic Semafone solution.

Semafone says its technology makes it easier for customers to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The solution requires customers to type their own card details into a telephone keypad while making a transaction over the phone. From there, the information is sent directly to the acquiring bank without ever entering the call center’s IT system, so there’s no need for expensive and time-consuming controls and checks, the company says.

Another advantage for clients is Semafone’s patented Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) masking technology, which makes all the telephone keypad tones sound the same so agents cannot identify numbers by listening to them, the company explains. Since no numbers are spoken aloud and key tones are disguised by DTMF masking, calls can be recorded without needing to pause recording equipment while reducing agent fraud.

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