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Digital River is the 2014 Best Subscription/Recurring Billing Program | Customer Choice

Subscription/Recurring Billing Program

digital-riverThis year’s Customer Choice for Best Subscription/Recurring Billing Program is Digital River. With more than 20 years of e-commerce experience, the company says its payments team recently identified select areas for improvement and implemented a series of changes that resulted in a more-than-20 percent overall increase in authorization rates for online subscriptions. Its multi-channel commerce solution—which supports direct and indirect sales—has seen significant updates as of late, and the company says these updates are illustrative of its commitment to continuously assessing its solutions for quality improvement.

In an effort to help companies maximize revenues and reduce costs and risks of running a global commerce operation, the company says it recently introduced an intelligent transaction service. With an account updater process to preserve recurring revenue streams, the service addresses the problem of expired credit cards. Additionally, the service offers intelligent routing logic to determine which banking partner offers the most preferable authorization success rate. The company says clients have also benefited from optimized interchange rates and reduced cross-border transaction fees as a result of its intelligent transaction service.

To date, Digital River offers more than 180 international and local payment options and over 170 transaction displays and currencies.

According to the company, it has handled more than $28 billion in online transactions through its payment solutions, and has helped its clients preserve approximately $1 million in subscription revenue.

Best Subscription Recurring Billing Program – Customer Choice