Secure Net

Secure Net is the 2014 Best Processor | Customer Choice


2015-CNPAward-SecureNetAn online vote of customers has resulted in SecureNet as the choice for Best Processor in the 2014 CNP Awards and it’s not difficult to understand why. With the capacity to let merchants accept “any payment, any time, anywhere through point-of-sale, e-commerce and mobile acceptance,” the company says it offers the most innovative payment technology operating system directly connected to the major card networks on the market.

With an omnichannel focus, SecureNet’s ability to consolidate all a merchant’s payment processing needs into one full-service account means good things for businesses of all sizes—particularly SME’s, which, the company points out, often rely on separate services as a cost-saving strategy. Not only is SecureNet more affordable than other omnichannel systems, the company says, it’s easier and quicker to use, particularly with third-party e-commerce integration, real-time inventory data and multiple sales channels.

SecureNet’s Mobile PayOS is the only payment processing solution that integrates with third-party e-commerce systems. With omnichannel inventory integration and reporting, merchants can even use the app to set replenishment thresholds and alerts—a feature unique to SecureNet and one that allows merchants to act in real time. The company says the Mobile PayOS solution is illustrative of what it strives to achieve: namely, to “solve merchant problems” and provide solutions that “work into a merchant’s business—not the other way around.”

Last summer the Mobile PayOS solution was launched with heightened security functionalities and the company recently added new features to it—among them, enhanced reporting that delivers sales data in actionable graphs. Now, merchants who use SecureNet can view total sales by day, week, month, quarter and year—including card sales, cash sales and refunds.

Best Processor – Customer Choice