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Optimal Payments is the 2014 E-Commerce Platform/Gateway | Customer Choice

E-Commerce Platform/Gateway

CNP-Award-OptimalPaymentsOptimal Payments, an online payments company based on the Isle of Man and regulated in the United Kingdom, is this year’s Customer Choice for Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway. With its NETBANX service offering—first introduced in 1996—Optimal provides a payments ecosystem that connects merchants to consumers, acquirers, processors and value-added service providers in a way that helps them grow and protect their online businesses.

The company says it provides “the full reach of the global banking and services network…through one platform.” Banks, credit bureaus, geo-location service providers, third-party wallets, device fingerprinting services, e-commerce platform providers, physical check fulfillment bureaus, prepaid cards providers and consumer lending services all become participants in the NETBANX ecosystem—this thanks to the platform’s well defined integration specifications.

According to the company, its infrastructure offers the highest level of security and 100 percent uptime to its merchants and integrated partners. Combining 17 years of expertise with best-in-breed third-party technology, Optimal says it implements tools that address fraud management concerns, thereby protecting not only the merchant’s business, but its reputation too.

Boasting relationships with eleven acquiring banks (and their affiliated processors), along with more than a dozen payment schemes, Optimal provides merchant accounts and alternative payment methods across North America, throughout Europe, and in a handful of additional countries. It also supports all major worldwide currencies in a like-for-like or MCC capacity. Additionally, the company’s use of BIN-routing logic affords merchants the ability to acquire transactions locally wherever possible, resulting in lower exchange rates and higher conversions.

According to the company, one of the platform’s most robust features is its ability to provide merchants with online payment solutions that are tailored to their specific industry needs. With a vast array of carefully selected partnerships, Optimal gives merchants lots of options to pick and choose from.

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