Computop is the 2014 Best CNP Program Outside the US | Customer Choice

CNP Program Outside the US

computopThis year’s Customer Choice for Best CNP Program Outside the U.S. is Computop, a global payment service provider with 16 years of payment and industry experience. Computop provides end-to-end payment solutions for Samsung, Metro Cash&Carry, Fossil and other leading brands, and currently offers more than 50 domestic and international payment methods.

The company says its think-global-act-local approach explains much of its Paygate payment platform’s success. After expanding its reach to the east in 2012 by connecting to the international platforms of Alipay, the company decided it needed a payment solution that catered more to China’s payment landscape—one in which PSPs like Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are not yet prevalent. As a result, it developed Paygate China, a payment gateway that grants access to five Chinese PSPs and 100 Chinese banks.

The company says the platform acts as a technical processing interlink (middleware) between client applications and several Chinese PSPs, facilitating the exchange of electronic payment instructions through a single interface; merchants benefit not only from lowered processing and implementation costs, but also streamlined revenue management and a faster TTM. Specifically, the company says, merchants who use the Paygate China solution see improved conversion rates (due to the extensive range of payment options and bank coverage), and they benefit from a least cost routing (LCR) function.

Combining local presence with market expertise, Computop says its Paygate China solution has enabled many merchants to expand to China. Swarovski is one such example: with the Computop-Alipay integration, Swarovski’s customers now have the option to shop and make payments on the Chinese Swarovski website—and Swarovski effectively avoids the hurdles of setting up Chinese bank accounts, conducting credit checks and validating buyer profiles to boot.

Other merchants, like illy Café, have tasked Computop with the challenge of integrating a local payment tool with their corporate e-shops; the company says illy Café’s success has been so great, its team in China is currently at work to increase online payments across a total e-shop transaction.

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