Kount is the 2013 Best Overall Fraud/Security Solution | Customer Choice

Overall Fraud/Security Solution

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-KountBoise, Idaho-based Kount is a CNP Award winner for the second year running. The company’s tagline—accept more orders, from more people, in more places—echoes its philosophy: an e-fraud-fighting solution does not have to be a cost center. Done right, it can be a tool that increases sales and revenue.

“When all is said and done, the mission of any fraud management product should be to offer more opportunities to sell more products to more people in more places than ever before,” says Don Bush, vice president of marketing for Kount. “Simply put, boost sales and beat fraud.”

Kount’s antifraud solution grew out of necessity. In the late 1990s, ClickBank, an online affiliate network selling digital content, began to feel the negative effects of fraud. In response, ClickBank’s parent Keynetics found no technology available at the time solved the problem on a consistent basis. The company took a decade to develop and patent several foundational antifraud technologies and spun Kount off when it became clear that a far-reaching spectrum of clients operating in card-not-present environments could substantially benefit from Kount’s solution.

“Because of our history as an Internet retailer and affiliate network, our vision has been to develop an industry-leading fraud platform that is easy to use, drives down the cost of managing fraud and fraud-related issues and allows companies to take full advantage of the opportunities the Internet provides including a global presence, incremental sales revenue and expanding into additional product offerings,” Bush says.

While many merchants deploy “build-your-own” solutions that include numerous tools from several vendors, Kount’s technology is fully owned and integrated into a single anti-fraud platform comprising the company’s patented core technologies. Foundational tools such as proxy piercing, dynamic scoring and device fingerprinting continue to evolve as the company continually adapts in real-time to thwart the latest fraud techniques.

Kount says the Kount Complete platform delivers implementation in days versus months, more accurate results, a risk score weighed against a single standard, faster response times and patented technology.

Last July, a customer satisfaction survey showed 100 percent of respondents were moderately or extremely satisfied with Kount and 97.5 percent rated their overall experience with Kount as above average or excellent. An additional 97.5 percent of respondents said they would recommend Kount to other businesses (the other 2.5 percent said they were not able to make recommendations). Clearly Kount has the confidence of its customers, making it no surprise the company garnered our Customer Choice award in the Best Overall Fraud/Security Solution category for 2013.

Best Overall Fraud Security Solution – Customer Choice