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Direct Carrier Billing Solution

CNP-Award-billtomobileCustomers have weighed in online and have chosen BilltoMobile as their favorite direct-carrier billing technology provider.

BilltoMobile’s DNA stretches back to the very beginning of direct-carrier billing in South Korea, where it was invented by Danal at the turn of the millennium. BilltoMobile began as the U.S. subsidiary of Danal in 2006 and was spun off on its own a year later. In 2009, BilltoMobile was the first company to establish a connection with a U.S. carrier, when it signed Verizon. Even today, the company says it is the only direct-carrier billing technology provider processing payments for each of the top five U.S carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular).

The user interface for BilltoMobile, contained in an iFrame on the merchant Web page, takes the user through an optimized payment flow, according to the company. BilltoMobile collects the consumer’s mobile phone number, performs the authorization, validates that the user is in possession of the phone and then authorizes the purchase, which will show up later on the consumer’s mobile phone statement. The complete purchase experience, BilltoMobile says, is seamless and intuitive and doesn’t require users to leave the merchant website, leading to lower friction and higher conversion.

For strategic merchants such as app marketplaces and high-volume media delivery solutions, BilltoMobile offers more advanced integration through a Trusted Partner API. This enables the merchant to manage the consumer-facing payment flow and process the transaction through BilltoMobile at the server level. The result is the consumer never leaves the merchant’s brand during the payment flow.

In the mobile environment, the company’s tight carrier integrations mean it can automatically identify the device, carrier network, and mobile phone number in order to enable a highly efficient and low friction, single-tap purchase experience.

“A new generation of tech-savvy spenders views the mobile phone as the most critical device in their collection,” the company says. “In addition to the prehistoric landline phone, it has replaced the music player, camera, photo album, day timer, calculator, paperback, and now the wallet. By offering consumers the choice to pay with their phones, BilltoMobile extends this technical evolution to complement or replace legacy payment instruments and continue the push toward a safer and more secure commerce environment online.”

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