Chargeback Recovery Month

January is Chargeback Recovery Month, sponsored by Sift Science.


Chargeback Hangover: Dealing with the post holiday chargeback rush

January 23 at 1 PM ET

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Chargeback Checklist

In order to win a chargeback, you need to prove that the disputed purchase was actually valid. That means including strong evidence – but what exactly does that mean?

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10 Mistakes Merchants Make Fighting Chargebacks

Your customer just filed a chargeback. That’s the end of the story, right? Not quite! As complicated and stressful as chargebacks may seem, you can fight back — and win.

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4 Ways You Can Fight Friendly Fraud Chargebacks

Even if you’ve been good all year, the holiday shopping rush always ends up dropping the worst kind of coal under fraud analysts’ trees: chargebacks. Friendly fraud chargebacks—when the cardholder disputes legitimate transactions—are among the worst pain points for e-commerce sites. But by harnessing the power of your fraud-fighting tool, you greatly increase your chances of recovering funds from friendly fraud chargebacks after the holidays. Here’s how.

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5 Mistakes Merchants Make That Lead to More Chargebacks

Between the complexity of the chargeback process and the sheer volume of transactions and associated information that pour in during the holidays, mistakes are easy to make when challenging a chargeback. But they’re even easier to avoid by taking steps to prevent them in the first place.

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3 Tips for Surviving the Post-Holiday Chargeback Rush

3 Tips for Surviving the Post-Holiday Chargeback Rush

A record-breaking season of holiday shopping is over, having generated $7.8 billion in revenue. That means the chargebacks have just begun! The massive increase in order volume over the holidays can wreak havoc on shipping companies and the USPS.

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