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November is Beyond Payments Month at Card Not Present (sponsored by Sift).

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Leading the Digital Trust & Safety Transformation

Leading the Digital Trust & Safety Transformation

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  • How to move beyond reactive fraud-fighting strategies and deliver excellent customer experiences without compromising safety
  • The 4 qualities of a Digital Trust & Safety organization
  • A step-by-step guide to help you evolve to Digital Trust & Safety
  • Why the time for Digital Trust & Safety is now


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Dynamic Friction: Delivering the Right Experiences at the Right Time

Download the ebook to learn:

  • The fundamentals of Dynamic Friction
  • How to deliver custom user experiences based on risk
  • Why multi-factor authentication is critical to stopping account takeover


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Fraud Aftershock Index: A Look Into How and Where Today’s Fraudsters Will Strike Tomorrow

Read the report to learn:

  • Fraud insights from more than 34,000 sites and billions of events
  • The fraudiest industries and verticals
  • The abuse type that fraudsters are increasingly moving towards


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Dynamic Friction and the Fight against Account Takeover

Consumers are expecting seamless online experiences, but how can businesses deliver on that expectation while still protecting against fraud and not treating customers and fraudsters alike? Enter Dynamic Friction: the optimal application of friction to user journeys based on behavioral and situational attributes, so protection against fraud doesn’t result in customer insult for legitimate users. It’s the latest evolution of Digital Trust & Safety, the fraud prevention methodology that strategically aligns risk and revenue decisions and is powered by processes and technology. But how is Dynamic Friction applied? Let’s take a look...

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Dynamic Friction: Setting Roadblocks for Fraudsters, Removing Barriers for Trusted Users

The expectations of online customers have changed drastically in recent years. They want the least amount of friction in their online experiences, and with thousands of companies vying for their business, customers have the upper hand. Speed and convenience set apart market leaders from their lagging competitors, and successful businesses are prioritizing customer experience over everything.

But this prioritization can’t be reckless; some amount of friction is required to stop fraud. So, how do you deliver positive experiences to your trusted users, block risky actions, and thoughtfully apply friction to those actions that may need an additional layer of authentication?

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Mention “airport security” to the modern jet-setter, and frustrated groans are likely to be the response. Even with the knowledge that this slow, clunky process of getting through a mile-long lineup is for the protection of everyone traveling, most flyers still wish it was done differently.

Because the process doesn’t discriminate (or discriminates against everyone, depending on your perspective), every individual goes through the same initial level of scrutiny – a static set of steps to pass through, even if they’ve flown a hundred times before without issue. Take this approach to security into the digital landscape, and the very same inefficiency is true of traditional, rules-based fraud prevention solutions. They’re the TSA of Trust & Safety, and businesses can bet that...

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[webinar] Naughty or Nice? Taking Action with Dynamic Friction

The holidays are coming. For most e-commerce businesses this season can make or break your year. On one hand you want to fulfill all those orders but on the other you need to make sure your bottom line is protected. Learn how Dynamic Friction enables your team to increase roadblocks for bad actors while giving trusted users the frictionless checkout they expect.

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