Artificial Intelligence: Only As Good As Your Data

December is Artificial Intelligence Month at Card Not Present (sponsored by Kount).

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Artificial Intelligence For Payments Fraud Prevention Expert Panel | webinar

Is digital fraud getting missed because it is evolving in ways your company hasn’t seen before? Companies are recognizing the need for AI in fraud prevention more than ever. AI is a crucial component in preventing payments fraud.


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IDC Technology Spotlight

Read this white paper to learn:

  • Evolving digital commerce requirements
  • Aligning fraud management with business outcomes
  • Understanding the AI framework for fraud prevention
  • Benefits of an intelligent fraud analytics engine


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The Truth About Machine Learning in Fraud Prevention

Years ago, machine learning models and algorithms were a unique differentiator when analyzing data and stopping fraud. Now they are commonplace within the fraud prevention world. However, applying just machine learning to the easy-to-collect consumer data will not succeed. It takes a full lifecycle of data creation, feature extraction, and domain expertise to get it right.


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Harnessing AI For Payments Fraud Detection

Fraud and cybercrime are advancing daily and twisting into methodologies that make them difficult to anticipate. Yet, many fraud detection systems have not evolved to keep up with new degrees of sophistication that fraud presents. Rules-based-only fraud systems that lack advanced technologies are no longer enough to address the increasing sophistication of fraud and cybercrime. It’s essential to implement next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) for effective fraud detection.

Businesses are increasingly turning to machine learning (ML) and AI to make...

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AI-Driven Fraud Prevention Solution Delivers Four Key Benefits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essential in today’s successful payments fraud prevention strategies. Cybercrime and fraud threats are evolving and presenting in unexpected ways to merchants who accept digital payments. An advanced solution is needed to stay ahead of fraud and reduce revenue losses to fraudulent transactions, while maintaining a smooth customer experience.

Merchants that make digital sales are often vulnerable to...

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5 Ways Fraud Data Can Creatively Boost Your Business

Digital businesses are turning to big data to help them make faster and better decisions, particularly when it comes to approving good transactions and rejecting fraudulent ones. A vast amount of data can be used to build a complete digital identity for every customer and successfully stop fraud.

But fraud data does more than stop fraud. It also reveals hidden, yet critical, insights into your business...

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